The Skin Club in Melbourne- Understand Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are non-surgical products that are used to add volume to the face to enhance or lift the overall appearance of the face. The most common areas where dermal fillers are used are the lips, upper eyelids, chin, cheeks, nose, mouth corners, eyebrows and other areas that have wrinkled or lost volume. Generally, dermal fillers are manufactured using substances that are located in the skin.

Dermal fillers volumize the aging face. When the skin begins to lose its volume, wrinkles, shriveling, flattening and folds can occur. Volume loss in the face is one of the main causes of aging. Dermal fillers help rejuvenate the face and replenish lost volume. This is a non-surgical facial enhancement procedure that enhances the lips, fills out the cheeks, smooths out eye bags, reshapes the nose, enhances the chin, shapes the browline and smooths the forehead.

Additionally, this non-surgical facelift can make you appear years younger by reducing your jowls, removing from lines and more. It is the perfect choice for those who have not decided to undergo plastic surgery or who are unable to have plastic surgery. To learn more information about dermal fillers, click this link.

The temporary fillers offered by Skin Clubs provides long-lasting results that last between 6 and 24 months. The fillers used for dermal filling occur naturally in the skin. Each of the practitioners at the Skin Club has been trained by Dr. Sharma.

The most common areas that require dermal fillers are the folds at the corners of the mouth, the jowls, lips, brows, chins, cheeks and frown line areas of the face. Other treatment areas where dermal fillers can be used is to fill out the hollows right under the eyebrows or to temporarily reshape the nose. Dermal fillers help to smooth the area and fill in sunken areas in the eye socket to help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Cheeks and the corners of the mouth are often filled with Radiesse or another thicker gel. Gel fillers normally last for a shorter period of time (approximately 6 months) and are totally reversible. Radiesse lasts longer; however, it is more expensive. The main benefits of Radiesse are that it creates more volume in the facial area and lasts longer.

Fine lines do not respond well to dermal fillers because it is harder to fill these small areas. Instead, finer fillers are used. Finally, skin resurfacing with the help of lasers is a more permanent option to reduce fine lines; however, this procedure does require a longer recovery time.

Skin Club offers dermal fillers at each of their four Melbourne locations, including Templestowe, Toorak, Berwick and Beaumaris. Contact the Skin Club today to find out more information about dermal fillers, fine line fillers or skin resurfacing. The staff will be happy to make you an appointment to discuss your treatment options.